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Safari Lodges - Selous

Rufiji River Camp is located on the banks of the Rufiji river, in a point where the ample and tranquil river is animated by many and different species of animals.

  • From: $380 pp Full Board. + 2 Game Drives
  • From: £237 pp Full Board. + 2 Game Drives
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The tented camp, situated in the heart of the reserve, is environmentally friendly and each tent is equipped with private bathroom and a veranda facing the river.

There is a constant flow of animals coming down to drink at the river offering a permanent show to visitors of the camp. The water is usually full of hundreds of hippos as well as groups of crocodiles that laze in the sun on the sandbanks in the river.


Main Camp
Twenty tents facing the sunset, with comfortable beds, walled en-suite facilities, mosquito netting and all of the comfortable equipment of a lodge.

Each tent has a private veranda under a roof of local straw (makuti) that creates the perfect place for reading, writing or just resting in the shade.

Fly Camp
The fly camp is situated about 45 minutes drive from the main Camp on the shore of Lake Mzizimia.

The name fly camp has nothing to do with insects but more with the English phrase “fly by night”, which refers to anything that is temporary. Here today and over-night it can fly away.

It offers the possibility to spend some time in very close proximity to the bush in a very personal environment. Whereas the main camp is not large, with a maximum capacity of 40 clients, the fly camp can give that degree of exclusivity accommodating two to six clients with advised stay duration of at least two nights.

Meals in the fly camp are served in the lakeside gazebo and the client can expect the same quality of cuisine as in the main camp, prepared by your own cook and served by your own waiter.

Rufiji River Camp - Exterior
Rufiji River Camp - Pool

Other activities

The programme of excursions is decided once at the camp, between the clients and the Camp Manager. A few factors have to be considered, like the state of the roads in the Reserve, the level of water on the river, the presence of animals around the camp, etc, and for these reasons a schedule cannot be given in advance, at the moment of the booking.

Morning excursions are from 8/8.30 to 11.30/12.00.
Afternoon excursions are from 16.00 to 18.30.
Full day game drives with picnic lunch are from 8.00 to 17.00.

The choices of activities and excursions normally include:

Rufiji River Camp - Game Drives

Game Drives:
Accompanied by highly experienced rangers, experts of the Selous Game Reserve and it’s animal behaviors. The destinations are quite varied: normally directed towards one or more of the lakes where the animals group to drink, the itinerary and timing are decided at the moment by each group on the basis of the animals encountered and the specific interests of the guests – without limits.

A normal jeep safari lasts half-day, but a full day safari can easily be organized.
Rufiji River Camp - Boat Safari

Boat Safaris:
With a multitude of destinations, ranging from the main course of the river to the many lateral canals and various lakes.

The boat trip normally last a half-day, and at least one should be made at sunset.

Fishing is also available but must be booked and paid for at the camp.
Rufiji River Camp - Walking Safari

Walking Safaris:
Perhaps the most exciting of all. Selous is one of the very few parks in Tanzania where you can take a safari on your own two feet.

You can choose an established trail, or one for your special interest, always of course, accompanied by an armed ranger.

It’s a real treasure for the true explorer.

Environment and local community

The Selous Game reserve, the largest nature reserve in Africa (and the second largest in the World) abounds in open space and liberty: fifty-five thousand square kilometers that enjoy the most unreserved luxury that one can dream of a rich and constant river.

The Rufiji River brings water and life throughout the year, creating this pristine paradise that everyone of us carries in our hearts: an inviolate space that man cannot destroy. Man, in fact, is admitted to the Selous Game Reserve in tiny doses and only as a grateful and respectful guest.

In the entire reserve only a few camps are permitted, with a low daily reception capacity.

Over 800,000 mammals, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalos, zebras, impalas, gnus, hartebeests, waterbucks, giraffes, kudus, warthogs, grysbok, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, bush babies, baboons, Vervet monkeys and mongooses. And that’s without mentioning the reserve’s specialty – an abundance of hippopotamuses and crocodiles.

Rufiji River Camp - Elephant
Rufiji River Camp - Impala
At least 440 bird species are documented residents of the reserve, but there are surely more to discover in a large part of the reserve few or no men have set foot. The sight of the innumerable birds that enliven the park is breathtaking: yellow-billed storks, marabou storks, spoonbill stocks, Goliath herons, ibises, gray herons, egrets and pelicans as well as weaves, starlings, geese, ducks and numerous birds of prey like eagles, falcons, kites, etc.

The countless mammals, reptiles and birds found in the reserve live in, over, and under more than 2000 plant species, many of which have yet to be catalogued. The trees in particular alight the traveler’s imagination: the mythical baobab, Africa’s giant, which can live for more than 300 years and reach a diameter of 4 meters along with tamarind, mangoes and various species of acacias and palms.

In the Selous there is such a variety of environments that in a single day it’s possible to pass from the bush to open savannah, to the Borassus palm of the more temperate riverbanks.

On foot, on boat, every day, every hour, every season reserves incredible surprises: never-ending skies, flaming sunsets, nights in which the moon seems electrified, mountains, plains, dense bush, unending green fields interrupted only by a pair of umbrella like acacias, the enormous river with groups of playful hippos, animals in liberty, running happily in the richness of their uncontaminated environment.

Rufiji River Camp - Wild Dog
Rufiji River Camp - Wildebeests

Our opinion

This camp is now under new ownership and will be completely refurbished. We expect to hear only good things and will keep you updated.

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